giannis koulouridis
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“Xoanon derivative noun from the verb xeo,a typically wooden statue or idol which was the first
piece of Greek sculpture. The ancient Greeks believed that the idols had fallen from the sky and  were
works of gods or heroes, so they called the diipeti (Zeus backed instrument), worshiping them with
great respect.
Appear as a primitiveness human need that cultivated from the total primitive and subsequent cultures
around the globe.
Purpose and aim of their worship was the perfect purification, the restoration of the soul,
the divine completeness, the divine, the immortality.
Aesthetic quotes of wood with the aim of transubstantiation in object of worship through symbolism,
metaphor and alternative meanings. “

The first solo exhibition of the artist entitled “Xoanon” is part of the action ‘New artist in the spotlight “,
which took place in Chili Art Gallery in Athens, September 2012.